From: Bjoern Fischer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: ACPI project progress report
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 07:01:44 +0200

> Just a moment. You talk about doing a `Save-to-Disk' (incl. system halt),
> turning power off, maybe adding some hardware or moving the machine
> to another location, then switching on again, restoring the system context,
> and the machine will proceed as if nothing had happened, do you?

Yes, exactly.  My rough idea is like this;
 - do preparation for sleeping state transition for each devices and 
   _PTS (prepare to sleep) control method.
 - stop all of processes, other sub-system (eg filesystem, memory...)
   and write contents of memory to dedicated swap partition for
   "Save-to-Disk" and save system context.
 - turning power off by manipulating ACPI registers (or just halt the
   system and user will turning power off).
 - upon turning power on, BIOS built ACPI tables again if hardware
   configuration changed during sleeping. Any important device (eg
   disk controller) configuration changes will cause the restoring 
   system context to fail.
 - after POST, BIOS passes control to the boot loader in normal case.
 - load will check whether S4 transition occurred, then restore system
   context and memory from swap partition.
 - do _WAK (wakeup) control method, wakeup processes for each devices
   and re-enable them.

Maybe I'm wrong because of lack of my understanding on crush dump and
loader.  Please help us :-)

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