In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> "Andrew Reilly" writes:
: That sounds way too hard.  Why not restrict suspend activity to
: user-level processes and bring the kernel/drivers back up through
: a regular boot process?  At least that way the hardware and drivers
: will know what they are all up to, even if some of it has changed
: in the mean time.

Takes too long...  That's shutdown, not S4.

: > Obviously the video driver will need to send a signal or clue to the
: > Xserver saying "you own the device, you'd better do something"
: Yeah.  The X server has far too much "driver" level code in it
: already, so probably needs to be tweaked to re-initialise itself
: properly.

Yes.  Likely.  But if we're going to support sleep modes, we'll need
to do this.


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