On 07/15/17 20:39, Mark Millard wrote:
FYI for Michael B.: the incomplete kernel rebuild problem has a fix: -r320919 .
See the fix (to the building problem that was created in -r320220 ):


If the KDE problem persists based on a -r320919 or later build, it would
be appropriate to report it again as a separate issue.

Unfortunately various odd problems have shown up over -r320220 through
-r320918 from incorrect rebuilds (and other oddities overlapping in the
time frame).

Of course if you built (or build) -r320844 based on a empty directory in
the first place so that it was a full-build but the KDE problem persisted
when using the rebuilt kernel then the above material does not apply. In
such a case reporting that about the context for the KDE problem would be

You may well have other things to be doing instead of what the above
suggests. If so, just take the above as background information.

Prior to testing this, I did 'rm -rf /usr/obj/*' so it is a clean build. I can run with user-land at SVN r321021 but any kernel at or after r320844 fails :-(


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