At 11:53 AM -0700 2000/6/19, Jason Evans wrote:

>  Last week, approximately 20 BSD developers got together and discussed how
>  to move FreeBSD's SMP support to the next level.  Our effort will be
>  largely based on the work that has been done in BSD/OS, which should make
>  things go much more smoothly than they otherwise might, but we still expect
>  -current to be destabilized for an extended period of time.

        Wow.  Cool.  Way cool.

        My mind is already beginning to boggle, just thinking of what 
very little I know of what must go into a process like this....

        On a totally non-technical, but somewhat related note, can anyone 
give me any kind of idea how often relatively "large scale" changes 
like this typically occur with FreeBSD?

        By the time I came along, I think -CURRENT was already well into 
4.x, so I don't have that kind of history to fall back on.  I'm just 
intensely curious to know how often "revolutions" of this kind of 
scale typically happen within this project.

        I can't wait to see the discussions go on with relation to all 
this stuff!  However, if you don't mind I think I'll continue to 
track RELENG_4 and listen over here to get some idea of what may be 
ultimately coming down the pike over there for -STABLE.

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