On Tuesday, 20 June 2000 at 11:16:24 +0200, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> Am I the only person who miss a brief document which tells what
>> the outcome of the meeting was ?
> Who was there, anyway?

>From my trip report.  This can hardly be confidential.

Participants were:

  Don Brady        Apple Computer                       File systems
  Ramesh           Apple Computer
  Ted Walker       Apple Computer                       network drivers
  Jeffrey Hsu      FreeBSD project
  Chuck Paterson   BSDi                                 Chief developer
  Jonathan Lemon   Cisco, FreeBSD project
  Matt Dillon      FreeBSD project                      VM, NFS
  Paul Saab        Yahoo!
  Kirk McKusick
  Peter Wemm       Yahoo!
  Jayanth          Yahoo!
  Doug Rabson      FreeBSD project                      Alpha port
  Jason Evans      FreeBSD project                      kernel threads
  David Greenman   FreeBSD project                      chief architect
  Justin Gibbs     Adaptec, FreeBSD project             SCSI, 0 copy TCP
  Greg Lehey       Linuxcare, FreeBSD project           storage management
  Mike Smith       BSDi, FreeBSD project                hardware, iA64 port
  Alfred Perlstein Wintel, FreeBSD project
  David O'Brien    BSDi, FreeBSD project                compilers, binutils
  Ceren Ercen      Linuxcare                            Daemon babe

Look also at http://ziplok.dyndns.org/msmith/SMPng/.

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