we're running a NanoBSD based appliance which resides on a small SoC and
utilises a mSATA SSD for logging, database storage and mail folder. The
operating system is recent CURRENT as it is still under development.

The problem ist, that from time to time, without knowing or seeing the reason,
the automounted partitions become "dirty (UFS2 partitions, no ZFS dur to
memory and performance limitations). Journaling is enbaled.

When the partitions on the SSD become "dirty", logging or accessing them isn't
possible anymore and for some reason I do not see any log entries reporting
this (maybe due to the fact all logs are going also to that disk since the logs
would pollute the serial console/console and the console is used for
maintenance purposes/ssh terminal).

Is it possible to - automated! - check the filesystem on bootup? As on ordinary
FreeBSD systems with fstab-based filesystems, this happens due to the
rc-init-infrastructure but autofs filesystems seem to be somehow standing aside
from this procedure.

Thanks in advance,

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