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> [from Warner Losh]
> > Can't you just list them in /etc/fstab with the noauto option, but with a
> > non-zero number listed in the 'pass' number column? I know nanobsd
> doesn't
> > generate things this way, but maybe it should....
> >
> > Warner
> I haven't though of this ever - will it force a check of a dirty filesystem
> even when it is mounted via autofs? I considered /etc/fstab and autofs as
> mutual exclusive - in my naive view ...

'noauto' means it won't be mounted automatically. And setting a pass will
only affect things early in boot. Since there won't be multiple things
vying for control, autofs can safely be used in this case. I don't know
how, with autofs, to force a fsck when the filesystem needs it though. We
do things like this at work where we have a few FS listed in /etc/fstab,
but wind up mounting a boatload more based on simple rules that our startup
scripts just know about to find additional FS to mount. No autofs since we
need our content online all the time, but still enough similar to be worth
some experimentation time.

And let me know how this goes, since I think it would be a good addition to
nanobsd which normally keeps /cfg unmounted...

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