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Jairo Montes schrieb am 30.10.2017 17:09

Hi people!

My problem appears only when unplugging one device. I can have more than
one connected, but when I disconnect one, an error occurs, and if I plug in
a device, even the same I just unplugged, it won't be loaded. I don't know
if the problem comes from pcsc-lite or FreeBSD (libusb).

Information requested for support at:

- ccid-1.4.27
- pcsc-lite-1.8.22,2
- Inside Secure AT90SCR200
- Enabled features: FreeBSD amd64-portbld-freebsd12.0 serial usb libusb
     usbdropdir=/usr/local/lib/pcsc/drivers/ ipcdir=/var/run/pcscd

- FreeBSD 10.4-STABLE and 12.0-CURRENT r323761 amd64
- Standard compatible PC (Intel i5-6500)
- No card involved. It does the same with or without a card.
- SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR 335,  Inside Secure AT90SCR200.

The output of pcscd is attached to this email.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance people.

Check the output from "procstat -ak".


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