Cy Schubert [] wrote:
> I used to buildworld/installeworld using NFS shares at one time. Testing it 
> again this morning revealed still no issues. I used a ro src and rw obj 
> during my test.
The NFS server computer that is being used is running ZFS for the
/usr/src and /usr/obj directories.  Everything has been working
normally for the past couple of years.  My last successful CURRENT
update was a couple of weeks ago using r325474.  Maybe something has
changed in ZFS properties assigned to these two datasets between
r325474 and r326070.  The buildworld and buildkernel was performed on
the NFS server because it has much faster hardware.  The NFS client
connection is only used to install what the server has built to each
much slower laptop PC.  It is the case of a ~50 minute build time
vs. something that takes nearly 24 hours on the laptops.


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