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> Cy Schubert [] wrote:
> > I used to buildworld/installeworld using NFS shares at one time. Testing it
>  again this morning revealed still no issues. I used a ro src and rw obj duri
> ng my test.
> > 
> The NFS server computer that is being used is running ZFS for the
> /usr/src and /usr/obj directories.  Everything has been working
> normally for the past couple of years.  My last successful CURRENT

Same here.

> update was a couple of weeks ago using r325474.  Maybe something has
> changed in ZFS properties assigned to these two datasets between
> r325474 and r326070.  The buildworld and buildkernel was performed on

Not in my experience.

> the NFS server because it has much faster hardware.  The NFS client
> connection is only used to install what the server has built to each
> much slower laptop PC.  It is the case of a ~50 minute build time
> vs. something that takes nearly 24 hours on the laptops.

I abandoned NFS for src and obj because my four machines at home may, 
depending on what I'm working on, have different patches applied. As said 
before, when I tested it this morning it worked. I'll run a complete 
end-to-end test tonight using an old laptop as the target of the test. It 
hasn't been updated for a long time, exercising mergemaster.

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