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> . . .
> Or the following pseudo-code with all the weird special cases removed for 
> clarity
> load loader.efi from ESP
> if BootXXXX uefi variable holds a second path, use that for root/kernel
> otherwise if an override variable holds a kernel/root path, use that
> otherwise scan for a usable ZFS pool, use that if it exists
> otherwise use the same partition loader.efi was booted from for root/kernel 
> if it's usable
> otherwise use the first UFS partition on the ESP that's usable.
> A partition is usable if /boot/loader.rc exists on that path.

What will be the role of /etc/fstab in establishing
were the kernel is loaded from? Where world is
loaded from? Where/how does use of /etc/fstab for
specifying the root file system mount fit in the
above pseudo-code?

(For my particular interest the context uses UFS, not

> What is being deleted is one final step: "otherwise use the first UFS 
> partition on any drive in a random order that's usable." which used to be at 
> the end of the boot1.efi psuedo code. It's my belief that no such 
> installations actually use this due to the random factor today (plug in a new 
> USB drive and it might take over). If my belief is wrong, it's my belief that 
> efibootmgr will solve it, and failing that, the fallback mechanism (for 
> platforms that use u-boot + EFI where UEFI variables don't work) will allow 
> the two or three people that are doing this today.

Mark Millard
markmi at dsl-only.net

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