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Or the following pseudo-code with all the weird special cases removed for

load loader.efi from ESP
if BootXXXX uefi variable holds a second path, use that for root/kernel
otherwise if an override variable holds a kernel/root path, use that
otherwise scan for a usable ZFS pool, use that if it exists
otherwise use the same partition loader.efi was booted from for
if it's usable
otherwise use the first UFS partition on the ESP that's usable.
use the ACTIVE ufs partition, not the first, I can have more than 1 slice,
only 1 of them can be set active.  Do not use any ufs partitions if they
are not in active slices, it is possible to have 0 partitions set active.

Active is not a GPT concept. UEFI makes it hard to implement since there is
no good API to get and set the flags FreeBSD's gptboot uses to hack this
concept in. Active is done via BootOrder UEFI variable. Loader.efi and
boot.efi completely ignore this today. I have no plans on changing that.

And what's about the bootme and bootonce flags in gpart?  They are
freebsdism? Or they are the equivalent of active in the UEFI standard?

They are a FreeBSD-ism. Because UEFI handles parsing the GPT tables internally, it is not even possible to read them from loader.efi.
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