Jon Brawn ( wrote:
> Wotcha Gang!
> In my travels through the arm64 GENERIC config file I came across the option 
> ‘INTRNG’, and wondered what it was:
> INTeRrupt Next Generation?
> INTeger Random Number Generator?
> IN TRaiNinG?
> INTerrupt Random Number Generator?
> INdependent TRaiNinG?
> So, please put me out of my misery, what does INTRNG stand for, and what are 
> its implications when selected vs not selected?

"INTeRrupt Next Generation". It's a framework to manage complex interrupt
routing cases. I think it's required for all recent ARM platforms,
you can't disable it for ARM64. It can be disabled for older
ARM/MIPS platforms that use old-style interrupt cascading.

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