> On Sun, 25 Jun 2000, Matthew Jacob wrote:
> > 
> > Can anyone shed light on why a CVSUP'd dirtree I have now always
> > falls down with the following error?... Because it's CVSUP'd, the
> > local repository is just /home/ncvs (NFS mounted). I cannot figure out why it
> > all of a sudden wants to run off the Freefall .....
> Check CVS/Root in that directory. If you do a remote cvs operation it
> sometimes likes to update the repository to point to freefall, which then
> screws up cvs update unless you specify "-d /home/ncvs". I have aliases
> lcvs and rcvs which explicitly state the -d to use (I think this advice
> came from the committer's guide)

Oops. Somehow I had a couple of bad CVS/Root files creep in.

The odd thing is that they weren't anywhere &near& where things died.
I had to use find/grep to hunt 'em down. 


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