FreeBSD Core Team Secretary wrote:
> The FreeBSD Core Team is aware of recent controversial statements made
> on social media by a FreeBSD developer.  We, along with the Code of
> Conduct review committee, are investigating the matter and will decide
> what action to take.  Both the Core Team and the FreeBSD Foundation
> would like to make it clear that views shared by individuals represent
> neither the Project nor the Foundation.

Core@ statements always welcome.

But Code of Conduct committee merit no automatic credence since:

  Code of Conduct aims were cloned from an ultra feminist group of
  non FreeBSD members, part paid by foundation, then shoved on
  FreeBSD before discussion, by a voluble few in FreeBSD 

  The new CoC terms were hotly disputed. core@ failed to remove it
  before many tuned out, despairing of the politics [& lack of core@
  backbone, probably themselves scared of being labeled anti-whatever],

  New CoC putch-ists took seats on CoC

FreeBSD had a CoC before the putch with the new feminist etc CoC.
CoC could be replaced with the old one from SVN, or from*/

Julian Stacey, Consultant Systems Engineer, BSD Linux Unix, Munich Aachen Kent  Brexit ref. stole votes from 700,000 Brits in EU.
 Lies bought; Groups fined; 1.9 M young had no vote, 1.3 M old leavers died.
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