On Wed, 2019-05-15 at 23:23 +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> What do most FreeBSD users who rebuild system from source do
> regarding WITH_CLANG_EXTRAS in /etc/src.conf ?
> I have WITH_CLANG_EXTRAS=yes in /etc/src.conf and wonder if that
> could be screwing my build.
> Build seems to stumble on the llvm stuff, and llvm has really bloated
> in recent times.
> But then if I remove WITH_CLANG_EXTRAS, would I face great trouble
> with llvm in the ports, where llvm is so critical to the bigger
> things including Xorg?
> Would removing WITH_CLANG_EXTRAS also reduce the build time which has
> been around 6:45 (hours:minutes) just to fail?
> Tom

In general, WITH_CLANG_EXTRAS controls the building of extra tools such
as a disassembler, and tools for working on clang itself such as bug
reporting tools.  I don't have a really detailed answer because I've
never enabled the option.  I've always perceived it as being something
most people don't need.  WITHOUT_CLANG_EXTRAS may cut some time from
your build, but it probably won't cut it in half or anything.

-- Ian

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