"Dampure, Pierre Y." wrote:
> Apologies to all, this was a pilot error. /boot/defaults/loader.conf was
> referencing disk1s1a -- it should have been disk2s1a (I forgot the
> floppy was included in the unit count).

For the record, this _cannot_ be the cause of the problem you had.

I'd rather bet the loader binary was above 1023 cylinders, and after
playing a while you replaced it with one below that mark.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

                <jkh> _DES: The Book of Bruce has only one sentence in it, and it says
"the actual directives of my cult are left as an exercise for the
reader. Good luck."
                <EE> jkh: does it really include the 'good luck' part?
                <jkh> EE: OK, I made that part up.
                <jkh> EE: I figured it should sound a bit more cheery than how Bruce
initially dictated it to me.

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