Apologies if this ought to be in -questions rather than -current, but
since I first noticed the problem on 5.0-20000621-CURRENT...

The above snapshot was installed on a brand new system (OR840, 2x733EB,
512MB RDRAM, 1xAHA2940UW, 4x9.1Gb Barracuda). The disk organisation is
as follows:

        da0:    one NTFS partition (W2K), FreeBSD multiboot MBR installed
        da1:    fully dedicated, FreeBSD, has the root partition (da1s1a)
        da2:    fully dedicated, FreeBSD
        da3:    fully dedicated, FreeBSD

Since this is a recent snapshot, I assume it defaults to use loader(8). 

When the system boots, I get the usual F1/F5 choice, as follows:

        F1      ??
        F5      Drive 1

        Default: F5

Selecting F5 (or letting the timer run to completion) leads to the

        Disk error 0x1 (lba=0xe0040)
        No /boot/loader

        >> FreeBSD/i386 BOOT
        Default: 1:da(1,a)/kernel

then proceeding to load /kernel, rather than /boot/loader (which is why
I posted about problems with nlist (aka top/vmstat/systat) a few days

If I hit a key early enough, I get:

        >> FreeBSD/i386 BOOT
        Default: 1:da(1,a)/boot/loader

Hitting RETURN then leads to:

        Disk error 0x1 (lba=0xe0040)
        No /boot/loader

after which I need to enter 1:da(1,a)/kernel to proceed.

Needless to say, /boot/loader IS on da1s1a (with its usual assortment of
.rc and .conf in required places), which is why I am a bit surprised.

Can anyone shed a light on the above? I now know how to get around the
nlist issue, but this is not the recommended method...

Configuration files available upon request.

Best Regards,


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