Hellmuth Michaelis wrote:
> After the latest config/hints changes, just commenting the syscons driver
> "sc" line and uncommenting the pcvt "vt" line in the GENERIC kernel config
> file, a booting kernel panics after the the message "atkbdc0: <Keyboard
> controller (i8042)> .." with a fatal trap 12, page fault while in kernel mode.
> This is reliably reproducible on my 2 test machines running current cvsuped
> a day ago.
> I'm now trying and searching for two days and i'm running out of ideas. It
> might be that i'm doing something very stupid here, but i tried hard to make
> shure i'm doing not. Help ....

I recall there were lots of problems with syscons after the hints
change. *IF* people had the USERCONFIG option, things would work.

I do not know if vt suffers from the same problem, nor do I know if the
fix done was specific to syscons or not.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

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