>From the keyboard of Steve O'Hara-Smith:
> On 13-Jul-00 Hellmuth Michaelis wrote:
> > I'm now completely out of ideas ....
>         Try and pin down which printf really makes a difference ?

Ok, did that. Surprise: i removed all the debugging code and all changes
i made to track down what happenes in the kbd driver as well as the pcvt
driver - everything now is completely as it was and it tracks down to
a single printf in /sys/dev/kbd.c: adding it lets a pcvt kernel boot
as happily as before, removing this printf gives the described panic:

        /* find the keyboard specified by a driver name and a unit number */
        kbd_find_keyboard(char *driver, int unit)
                int i;

                for (i = 0; i < keyboards; ++i) {

I'm currently re-cvsupping/recompiling a completly fresh tree to reproduce
this to make shure it is really this single printf. Also i will try out
something to make shure it is not a timing problem somewhere.

>         I recall a long time ago a bit of code that had calls to a function
> that did nothing, the comment was that it prevented an MSC optimiser bug from
> screwing things up.

Oh oh ... 

I would really appreciate it if someone else would have a look at this.

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