> Long time back i sent request to the list and asked about including this
> driver into the source tree. i still did not receive any reply. Some people
> seems to be using this driver for Ethernet tunneling (with VTUN software).
> Somebody even requested for OpenBSD port. So it would be really nice to
> hear from one of the commiters.

Hi Maksim,

I've looked at this driver and think it looks useful, though I'm a
little concerned about the handling of bridge support.  We don't
really encourage users to edit module Makefiles just to enable a given
feature in the compiled module since that naturally leads to
situations where one /modules directory is not the same as another
(where you might want to copy things), even though all the same module
names appear.  It also leads to version skew between the kernel and
the modules since sliding a new kernel into place which doesn't have
BRIDGE support would now mysteriously break a module, leading to some
confusion to any admin new on the scene.

Isn't there a better way of enabling support in the module all the
time and conditionally using it only if the kernel also provides the
right support?  At that point it would be my opinion (and mine only)
that it was ready to come into FreeBSD-current as a new feature.

- Jordan

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