We, PAO folks in Japan, have prepared the patch for
etc/defaults/pccard.conf CURRENT (rev. 1.121) merging more that one
hundred of PCCard entries from PAO3.  We'd be happy if we could use
various cards on the installation.


We'd like you to test them and see if there are any problems on the
patch.  Of course, You could test on STABLE system bringing
etc/defaults/pccard.conf from CURRENT and replace with it.  Because of
too many entries to be added, please report your problems only to

 - We are not sure that the card would be supported which has cardio line
   and just replaced with iosize line or other reasons. Those are marked as
   and disabled.  If you have this kind of cards, please enable the entry
   and test it.

IBM Portable 4X Speed CD-ROM Drive CD-400
IBM CD-20XSeries(IDE PC Card)
CitiDISK & Addonics PocketZIP
SONY Memory Stick PC Card Adaptor
Xircom CompactCard Ethernet 10 (CFE-10)
TDK Multifunctioon Card (as Modem)
Toshiba Modem/LAN card IPC5001B
Toshiba 10/100 Ethernet PC Card IPC5008A

 - We are sure that some kind of cards wouldn't be supported and marked as
   and disabled because of driver porting issue.  But we could be wrong, 
   so please check them.
   cnw, fe, gp, hss, joy, ncv, nsp, opl, scc, stg and wlp drivers

 - Please test other kind of generic cards which use ata, ed, ep, sio, 
   sn and xe drivers if you have.  We're not sure whether card would
   work correctly if the entry has ether line.

We are going to MFC this patch with following schedule.  We would very
much appreciate your cooperations.

7/13    nomads, current ML review
7/16    CURRENT commit
7/19    MFC
7/20    RELENG_4 freeze


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