"Leif Neland" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Apropos pseudorandom, ssh etc; I hope this is not too off-topic, or can
> somebody point in the right direction:
> I have a Verisign personal certificate (Look me up at Verisign, as Leif
> Neland)
> This works nicely in Windows (Outlook Express), but I'd like to try using
> the same key with openssl to generate crypted (to myself) or signed
> messages.
> I can export the key as a .cer, .p7b or .pfx, but openssl seems to want it
> in .pem format.

What does the p7b file look like?

And the .cer file, and the .pfx file?

Are any of them ascii, with a "BEGIN PKCS7" or "BEGIN CERTIFICATE"

> Am I totally confused, or is it possible to convert one of the above to
> .pem?
from crl2pkcs7's man page, in the notes section:

       The output file is a PKCS#7 signed data structure
       containing no signers and just certificates and an
       optional CRL.

       This utility can be used to send certificates and CAs to
       Netscape as part of the certificate enrollment process.
       This involves sending the DER encoded output as MIME type

       The PEM encoded form with the header and footer lines
       removed can be used to install user certificates and CAs
       in MSIE using the Xenroll control.

> Leif

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