In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
: A geiger counter and a smoke-detector would be *so much* cheaper
: and give more bits per second :-)

Agreed.  And a lot less hassle.  A *LOT* less hassle. :-)

: >It certainly would be better than nothing and would be a decent source 
: >of randomness.  It would be my expectation that if tests were run to
: >measure this randomness and the crypto random tests were applied,
: >we'd find a fairly good source.
: The trick here is to actually measure the quality of our entropy.
: I have asked Markm to provide us with some kernel option which can
: be used to get a copy of the entropy so we can study the quality
: off it.

Yes.  That's the hard part.  that's one area where my knowledge is
somewhat weak.

: BTW: You have *no* idea how much I envy your access to high quality
: timing hardware :-)

Well, there are hidden benefits working here that I never knew :-)


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