> : If the attacker is on your computer (he us a user, say), he might know
> : a lot about the current frequency of your xtal. He can also get the same
> : (remote) time offsets as you. What does that give him? Not much, but it
> : could reduce the bits that he needs to guess. By how much? I don't
> : know.
> I don't know the answers to that either.
> Of course, if the attaker has root access to your machine, then you
> have bigtime problems with keeping the random bits secret anyway...

My scenario assumed that the attacker/user was not root. Of course if
he is root, he knows a bit more, but even a non-root attacker can make
a statistical study of the local clock and some hand-rolled ntp code.

(I'm not suggesting it is easy, just possible :-) )

Mark Murray
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