Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
> Bruce Evans wrote:
> >
> > Bootstrapping from 4.0 and previous versions to 4.1 and -current is broken,
> > because mtree depends on new library features but must be built before the
> > new libraries.  You have to somehow bootstrap the new libraries.  Maybe
> > copy them from a current snapshot.
> Grrr...
> Is there a clean way to fix this, other than reverting the -L
> incompatibility?
> Did we bump the libc version number when the strtofflags/fflagstostr
> functions went in?

Thanks for the information.

I could solve this dilemma by adding the source file 'strtofflags.c' from the
new 'libc' sources temporarily to the sources of 'mtree'.
Then I could do a 'buildworld'. Afterwards I replaced the old libc with the
new libc, removed 'strtofflags.c' from the sources of 'mtree' again, 
and rebuild it.

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