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> Incidentally, whoever broke this should be shot and strung -- I thought
> that upgrading from the latest -STABLE to -CURRENT was a supported
> operation?
> Copying files from snapshots to bootstrap yourself is just plain
> unacceptable.

In general -current has been a cesspool for the past year, and things
haven't been so great in -stable either.  We shouldn't even _need_ an
UPDATING file because there shouldn't have to be any special updating
procedures.  We got by without them just fine the first few years I
was involved with the project.  An upgrade was make world and build a
kernel -- nothing more.

Breaking make world used to be considered a major embarrassment.  Now
it's practically a daily occurrance.

Some developers just aren't being careful enough.  The biggest problem
is they don't restore their systems to a 100% pristine state before
they test.  Their own make world runs falsely succeed, because they
already had the key header file, library, or utility installed from
earlier testing and they didn't take care to revert it before trying a
make world.  Doing it right takes some thought and some care.  I would
like to see more of that and less impatience around here.

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