makeworld from -stable is broken.  Needless to say this is completely
and totally unacceptible.  Would the people involved with the mtree
and settofflags changes please get together and fix this right.

cc -O -pipe -DMD5 -DSHA1 -DRMD160   -I/usr/obj/home/imp/FreeBSD/src/i386/usr/include  
-o mtree compare.o crc.o create.o excludes.o misc.o mtree.o spec.o verify.o  -lmd
misc.o: In function `flags_to_string':
misc.o(.text+0x89): undefined reference to `fflagstostr'
spec.o: In function `set':
spec.o(.text+0x5f5): undefined reference to `strtofflags'
*** Error code 1

I'm kludging mtree so that make buildworld isn't broken.  Don't remove
the kludge until such time as the underlying problems have been


Can't people test the changes they make?  I mean this one bit me in
less than a minute for a buildworld.  Less than a minute.

GRUMP.  I'm not amused.


I got here checking an UPDATING entry someone sent me saying that one
needed to do a makeinstall in libc before this would succeed....


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