>>>>> On Tue, 25 Jul 2000 18:48:17 +0900
>>>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Mitsuru IWASAKI) said:

> BTW, there is one more problem during detach the pccard nic.  When I
> detach my pccard nic, my kernel is panic.  I tried this with Melco
> Airconnect WLI-PCM-L11 and COREGA FastEther PCC-TX, and it occured
> with either card.
> I made a quick hack to avoid this problem.  I don't know if this fix
> is correct.
> I sent it to -current, -net and -mobile.  But, my message seems
> disappeared.  I don't know why.

iwasaki> This is a critical problem especially for IPv6 laptop users right?

Yes, I think it is critical for IPv6 users.  But, I have never hear
the problem from other than me.  Is this only my problem?

iwasaki> The patch seems good enough for emergency workaround, If we don't have
iwasaki> enough time for the regular reviewing process before 4.1R out,
iwasaki> however, you are the right person to commit the patch since I know
iwasaki> that you've tested enough it for days :-)

OK.  We have no enough time.  I'll commit it.
Jordan, can I MFC this?

Hajimu UMEMOTO @ Business Solution System Development Div., Hitachi Ltd.
URL: http://www.imasy.org/~ume/

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