[This email is an update of Hong Kong government's Workplace English Campaign, 
and of Wall Street Institute English specials for July. If you wish to be removed, 
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The Workplace English Campaign of the Hong Kong government is now in Phase II 
-- which is significantly more flexible than Phase I, including funding up to 
$HK4,500.  We at Wall Street Institute have assisted over 500 individual applications. 
 Please contact us if you would like to know how you or your colleagues benefit 
from this program -- 2575 6888.


Those enrolling in July are eligible for THREE FREE MONTHS of English learning. 

Anyone enrolling in July can also take part in a draw to win a TWO WEEK TRIP 
to Toronto, Sydney or London, including accommodation.  Phone us for more details 
(2575 6888) or fill in the form below and fax or email by return.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Peter Forsythe

Fax form to 2575 1999 or email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Please send me more information on WEC and Summer Specials:

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