I've already introduced before (last Auguest), but here it is again;
we have updated our service host and add some services.

current.jp.freebsd.org (CAUTION: not 'current.freebsd.org') is a yet
another daily SNAPSHOTs service host. Service contents are almost the
same of current.freebsd.org (provides everyday snapshots), however,
others are different. Here is a summary:

- Build FreeBSD with 'USA_RESIDENT=NO'. Yes, librsaINTL is included.
- logfile, bzip2-ed /usr/obj, live filesystem are also provided. You
  can easily checks what's the release-breaker, installs FreeBSD with
  'make installworld', fetch some commands without getting huge 'bin'
- Web-browsable FreeBSD code with global(1). You can do checking
  hyperlinked codes and searching with function name easily.

Moreover, we have added a new service:

- Package mirroring already available at current.freebsd.org.
- Bootable installable CD-ROM, of course both 4-stable/-current (with
  or without packages), and *both* branches in ONE CD-ROM (you can
  select 4-stable/-current installation after booting from CD-ROM).
- Services via IPv6 and IPv4. You can install FreeBSD snapshots from
  IPv6-only network.

Anyway, if you are living in the area of USA_RESIDENT=NO, check
<URL:ftp://current.jp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/i386/> and

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact to the service
administrator, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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