Peter Wemm writes:
> Argh!  I knew today was going to stay a bad day.

I had similar thoughts about mine, both before I started the build,
and afterwards.

> I am pretty sure I know how to fix this and will commit a fix shortly.  If you
> want to try now, edit sys/kern/syscalls.master:
> < 1     STD     NOHIDE  { void sys_exit(int rval); } sys_exit sys_exit_args void
> ---
> > 1     STD     NOHIDE  { void sys_exit(int rval); } exit sys_exit_args void
> and cd src/sys/kern; make init_sysent.c
> Then your world should build ok.

That fix indeed seems to work (it managed to build cat), and looks
saner than mine.


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