My last grip about this didn't draw any response except for "Yeah, I
have that problem to". Is there a better place to discuss problems
with the Perl integration with FreeBSD? send-pr doesn't have a "perl"
category, or I'd try that.

Basically, the problem is that ports that install Perl modules ignore
LOCALBASE for the perl modules. A little bit of investigation turns up
/usr/libdata/perl/5.6.0/, which has "/usr/local" wired
through it as a prefix for nearly everything.

While wading through the Perl installation process to change these,
that still wouldn't really solve the problem. First, LOCALBASE could
be changed sometime after Perl was built. Second, and more
importantly, perl modules that aren't being installed as part of a
port shouldn't go in LOCALBASE (at least optionally).

I suspect the ideal situation would be for the Perl module installer
to detect (how?) to try and sniff LOCALBASE out of /etc/make.conf if
this is part of a port install. If that works, use
LOCALBASE. Otherwise, use the default values. People who
want that default to be something other than /usr/local can then
change those values themselves.

Is there someone who can *fix* this?


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