On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 08:45:05PM -0500, Mike Meyer wrote:

> Basically, the problem is that ports that install Perl modules ignore
> LOCALBASE for the perl modules. A little bit of investigation turns up
> /usr/libdata/perl/5.6.0/Config.pm, which has "/usr/local" wired
> through it as a prefix for nearly everything.

> I suspect the ideal situation would be for the Perl module installer
> to detect (how?) to try and sniff LOCALBASE out of /etc/make.conf if
> this is part of a port install. If that works, use LOCALBASE.
> Otherwise, use the default Config.pm values. People who want that
> default to be something other than /usr/local can then change those
> values themselves.

IMHO, the easiest thing to do would be to modify the Config.pm itself.
For example, it might look for, say, PERL_USE_PREFIX environment
variable and change its %Config accordingly.  Then the Makefiles in p5
ports will just set this variable to whatever LOCALBASE is, before
invoking perl Makefile.PL.

There is another problem with your idea, though.  Such Perl modules will
not be found by perl unless PERL5LIB points to the right place, i.e.
your installed p5 ports will not work out of the box.  That is pretty
bad, and setting PERL5LIB globally will not help much since at least
some people set it to their private directories without spelling
PERL5LIB=$PERL5LIB:bla mantra.

> Is there someone who can *fix* this?

Anton Berezin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
The Protein Laboratory, University of Copenhagen

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