Hey fellas...
    Allright, here is the situation. I just had a second phone line installed in my house, a POTS (plain old telephone service) line. I have plugged it directly into my FreeBSD 4.1-STABLE workstation/server. I allready have PPP setup and when I execute it, it runs fine. Now then, what I would eventually like to do is have all of my windows based machines connect to this one and use it as a gateway for internet traffic. However, that will come later.
    What I would like to do right now, however, is guarantee that anytime, anyday, barring a problem with my ISP, that my box is connected to the internet. I have it currently setup to dial the internet when it boots and that seems, so far to work ok. My problem you ask? My ISP implements a 5 minute no transfer policy, they disconnect my connection after 5 minutes of 'idling'. What I would like to do is have some kind of check to verify if I am still connected to the internet and if not, execute it. I was thinking some type of script running from crontab every 5 minutes. If I am not connected, then automatically reconnect to the internet.
    Now there is another possible solution I cannot find an answer to. Is there a BSD option to 'keep-alive' the connection so I do not time out? I would prefer not to leave an X session opening refreshing CNN every five minutes :P
    Your help and/or scripts are welcome :)
Justin W. Pauler
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