On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, justin wrote:

> Hey fellas...
>     What I would like to do right now, however, is guarantee that
> anytime, anyday, barring a problem with my ISP, that my box is
> connected to the internet. I have it currently setup to dial the
> internet when it boots and that seems, so far to work ok. My problem
> you ask? My ISP implements a 5 minute no transfer policy, they
> disconnect my connection after 5 minutes of 'idling'. What I would
> like to do is have some kind of check to verify if I am still
> connected to the internet and if not, execute it. I was thinking some
> type of script running from crontab every 5 minutes. If I am not
> connected, then automatically reconnect to the internet.
Why do you want to be online all the time? Are you running a server which
should be accessible from the internet?
Do you have adsl or the like available?

Perhaps we will see questions on the radius- or isp-lists:

How do I disconnect an user when the traffic is below a certain limit?
How do I limit the number of connects daily from an user?
How do I limit the number of minutes daily per user?


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