Benedikt Schmidt wrote:
> Everytime I try to unmount one of the ufs partitions on my harddisk the system
> hangs and I can do nothing but a hard reset.
> This happens whenever I shutdown the system too. It tries to unmount one of
> the partitions and hangs before the "dirty flag" is removed from any of the
> partitions. Thats why all the partitions are checked/repaired by fsck
> _everytime_ I boot.
> I have no problem whith unmounting nfs/msdos/ext2 partitions.
> This problem appeared some weeks ago and I never had it before with -current.
> Any ideas how the problem can be solved ?

        Did you take the "device apm" out of your kernel?
        I saw this same behavior on my laptop when I took apm out
        of my kernel.  When I put it back in  everything was 
        back to normal.
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