> On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 08:58:48PM -0700, Eric Anholt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I've been seeing these errors for about a month now.  When PPP is 
> > first started, it outputs:
> > calwell:/usr/src/bzflag>ppp -ddial -nat papchap
> > Working in ddial mode
> > Using interface: tun0
> > Warning: Add route failed: errno: Network is unreachable
> > 
> > It still dials and connects, then gets an IP, but I never get the 
> > default route.  I have to manually ifconfig to find the ip and route 
> > add default it.
> > Can anyone help me?  This is really annying, especially since I have 
> > a very nasty connection that keeps dropping and making me route 
> > delete, ifconfig -a ( & repeat), route add again.
> I'm getting same behaviour, workaround is to put the HISADDR line to
> ppp.linkup file, so it tries to set up default route after link is up.
> I'm running -current as of few days ago.

The problem is that when ppp is *not* in -auto mode, it doesn't 
bother configuring the interface until it's actually agreed an IP 
number with the peer.  The ``add'' line is actioned immediately, and 

So, your config is fine for -auto mode, but it's better to have the 
``add'' in ppp.linkup for any other mode.  Things still work though 
because you're using ``HISADDR'' as this makes it a sticky route, and 
your eventual interface configuration causes a re-application of all 
sticky routes.

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