At 04:02 PM 8/12/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>hetzels> Sendmail 8.11 has the ablity to due secure authentication with
>hetzels> mail clients when compiled with Cyrus-SASL.
>hetzels> Will the Cyrus-SASL library be imported to provide this
>hetzels> capability?  Or at least a make.conf variable.
>My first step in the process was to get sendmail up-to-date.  Once it is
>MFC'ed to STABLE, I'll look at enhancements.  After September 21, I want to
>turn on STARTTLS support.  I'm not sure about importing SASL -- I might be
>convinced to put in Makefile support if it happens to already been
>installed via ports.

I'll admit that I'm something of a clueless idiot when it comes to 
something like STARTTLS, but looking at the stuff on sendmails page about 
it, I don't really see a listing of clients that it can work with.  One 
advantage of the SASL stuff is that a fair number of clients seem to 
support the thing, including several for windows (yeah, I know, the evil 
term, but some of us actually have people that use windows clients to do 
their mail).  Now, maybe I just don't know what magic STARTTLS offers me, 
and I'd convert if I knew better.

Gary Schrock

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