On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Gregory Neil Shapiro wrote:

> DougB> I'm seeing a small problem with up to the minute sources in the install
> DougB> phase:
> DougB> + cp /etc/aliases /etc/mail/aliases
> DougB> cp: not found
> DougB> *** Error code 127
> That is odd considering the step right before it uses 'mv' which is located
> in /bin/ (where 'cp' also lives).  I assumed that if mv worked, cp would as
> well.

This is because /bin is not in $PATH at install time.  `mv' is actually
located in ${TMPDIR}/install.$$.  `cp' is not there, although `cp' is
used to put `mv' there, since it would be a bug to use `cp' instead of
${INSTALL} to install things after `install' is bootstrapped.


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