In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Brian Somers
>> With world and kernel of 10th August, 01:00 GMT cvsup is reporting
>> 'SetAttrs' adjustments for every file it encounters on repeated runs
>> against a server that has not been updated.
>> Running under an old kernel, cvsup is not performing any updates.
>This isn't by any chance because you cvsup'd from my laptop is it ?  
>I chmod my repository with g+w, so if you sup from me, then from a 
>real machine you get shed-loads of setattrs....

No, that was my first thought :)

I'm used to that behaviour when I sup from 'hak', but I have not, in
fact, sup'd 'lapbsd' from it since before July 16.

I noticed this when 'lapbsd' was suping of 'shrewd' repeatedly (by
mistake actually), where 'shrewd' had not sup'd off 'storm' itself.

As I say, it's behaving under a new world.
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