I had earlier written (to deafening silence) that I had 
been unable to build a release from current. Buildworlds 
worked OK, but make release didn't. 

I have since figured out what was not working, but 
this leads to another question. On my particular box,
I don't have a whole lot of room on /usr, so I was 
building the world on /home, e.g. 
export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/home/current. The world would 
build, but make release died compiling the boot crunch. 
There are a slew of derived files in /bin/sh - yacc output
and such - that are not found. I discovered that just 
symlinking /usr/obj to the right place, and not setting
MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX works just fine. I made a shot at trying 
to fix this, but quite frankly I must agree with the comment
in the release Makefile - "You are not expected to like this."

Is this considered a bug worth fixing? If not, at least this will 
be in the archive for the next confused person...

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