Nik Clayton wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 11:53:30AM -0700, Jason Evans wrote:
> > Summary: -current will be destabilized for an extended period (on the order
> > of months).  A tag (not a branch) will be laid down before the initial
> > checkin, and non-developers should either stick closely to that tag until
> > the kernel stabilizes, or expect large doses of pain.  This tag will be
> > laid down as soon as June 26, 00:00 PST, with a minimum 24 hour warning
> > beforehand.
> Is there any news on this work?  Unless I've missed the significance of
> recent commits, I haven't seen anything approaching this sort of 
> destabilisation in -current.

It's not all that unstable actually.  Well, it currently panics an SMP box
within minutes of starting a make world, but single processor seems to be
relatively stable.  You can get more info at

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