Although I would not like to put it as strongly as Warner does, I would
like to ask how the decision makers expect the rest of the project to
progress (the other 30 or so kernel committers) in a reasonable, not
too time consuming way.

Will there be a general mechanism for making patchsets against
CURRENT-26-JUNE-2000 available?

Will there be moments in time were the tree will be made and kept stable
for a week or so for people to insert their fixes. What about xtra tags
being laid at certain moments in time? Any schedule for that?

Will all the spls in all the drivers be removed and replaced by other
mechanisms by the SMP group in the process? This would create a lot of
extra work if the code is shared between different source trees, for
example between the *BSDs, if the spls/shims will be removed completely.

On the side, I would like to suggest that some sort of posting of
updates (by you, Jason?) is done on a regular basis (bi-weekly or so) to
show progress and to indicate the state of important aspects of the
kernel (VM, kernel threads, API's, etc.), so other people have an
indication of how reliable the system is and when it would be a
reasonable point in time for them to start working their code/fixes back
into the tree again.

I must say that I find it slightly annoying that this aspect is
completely ignored in your initial e-mail and definitely would like to
see this addressed properly before any tag goes down and breakage
occurs. I can see that everybody is very excited about what is going to
happen, but I would like to make sure the rest of us, who will only
participate on the side, are not left in the cold for 2 months or so
while the basic stuff is being done.

In any case, thanks for the work you guys are doing. From what Doug told
me there is a lot of really, really cool stuff coming our way. 


On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Warner Losh wrote:

> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Jason Evans writes:
> : Summary: -current will be destabilized for an extended period (on the order
> : of months).  A tag (not a branch) will be laid down before the initial
> : checkin, and non-developers should either stick closely to that tag until
> : the kernel stabilizes, or expect large doses of pain.  This tag will be
> : laid down as soon as June 26, 00:00 PST, with a minimum 24 hour warning
> : beforehand.
> Thanks for the fair warning.  Now don't do it.  Has core approved
> this?  I don't think so, I've seen nothign from them about it.
> The instability ni -current for MONTHS is pain not acceptible.  We've
> never really allowed that in the past.  A CVS branch would be mcuh
> better for this sort of thing.  I know that's a pain as well, but this 
> is just for SMP people and the rest of us shouldn't have to deal with
> the pain.
> I understand your desire to have it all in a working tree, but causing
> pain for ALL developers for potentially MONTHS isn't a reasonable
> request.
> Warner
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