On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 07:17:31PM -0700, Tony Fleisher wrote:
> I have been running cvsup nightly to grab -current and -ports,
> and noticed some strangeness with awk that seemed to start last
> week sometime.
> When building /usr/ports/lang/guile, the build exited with an
> awk 'internal error' and a log on the console that awk had
> exited on signal 6. To test my theory that the problem was
> indeed awk (rather than the guile port), I copied over a copy
> of awk from a 4.1-R system. After doing so, the guile port was able to
> build and install without any problems. 

Interesting.  I bumped into the same problem on -current, but also had the
problem if I tried using gawk from the ports (d'oh.  I've just realised,
our awk is GNU awk).

You can get around it by installed nawk from lang/nawk first, and then
doing "make AWK=nawk" you build it.

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