On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> > -On [20000822 17:30], Ollivier Robert ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >> Brian, I'm afraid you broke libutil... Every program using libutil now must
> >> depend on libcrypt too.
> No.  This is precisely why shared libraries have dependencies.  For
> static linking, what Brian has done Just Works.  For dynamic linking,
> libutil needs to depend on libcrypt to get its symbols resolved.
> (Alternatively you might be able to do it with weak symbols.)

Actually, the change breaks static linking for most programs that use
one of the functions described in login_cap(3).  This is because it
adds login_setcrypt() to the existing spam in login_cap.c.  This
breaks limits, cron, crontab, inetd and sendmail in /usr/src alone.
For dynamic linking, it only wastes time and space for the rarely
actually used library.


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