It seems Matthew Thyer wrote:
> Soren Schmidt wrote:
> > It seems Andreas Klemm wrote:
> > > ad4: 39082MB <Maxtor 54098U8> [79406/16/63] at ata2-master using UDMA33
> > 
> > AHA! try swap that with a known good drive (ie non Maxtor/WD) if you can....
> Are there plans to try to support this broken hardware ?

If possible...

> Maxtor seem to be violating ATAPI standards in that FreeBSD and Linux
> cannot use many Maxtor drives at rated speed, however.....

You mean ATA standards, I'm not sure thats the problem...

> Maxtor has some extremely fast drives that `work' in WinTel machines
> faster than all other competitors using ATA66 (as of a month or so ago)
> so it appears they are cutting corners on the standard (cheating) in
> order to produce a very fast product.

Well, "work" is exactly the word to use, they work on *some* chipsets
with *some* drivers, but they have problems there as well. Remember
that most wintel boxes doesn't even use DMA...
Besides it seems as if its our much more agressive usage thats the
real problem, looks like firmware problems too me....

> Are there plans to accomodate their behavior ?

As I've stated before, if somebody get me one of the problematic
drives on my desk I'll do what I can....

> Do you have any contacts in Maxtor to help in this task ?

Sortof, but they dont think they have any problems at all :)


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