On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 01:51:16PM -0500, Visigoth wrote:

>       Sorry for the cross post but....
>       Would it be possible to revert the DPT commits made by peter on
> Mon Aug 7 18:48:14 2000 in the RELENG_4 branch?  It seems that the
> dpt_attatch is failing in bus_alloc_resource(9) for the IRQ, and I have
> production machines that need worlds built for some other updates as
> well..  I would be happy to install a -CURRENT machine and help debug
> until it works, but for right now, there is NO DPT support in -STABLE for 
> the DPT PM3334UW. I had a pr started, but haven't been able to get any
> response from the current maintainer.
>       I am going to install a -CURRENT machine with a DPT in it and
> start the process of working on the issue, but it would be nice if we can
> keep -STABLE stable... ;)

I just updated on my -STABLE machine and ran into the same exact problem.
I also have on the machine SMP with APIC.  The fix for this problem is

Index: dpt_pci.c
RCS file: /export/ncvs/src/sys/dev/dpt/dpt_pci.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.17.2.1 dpt_pci.c
--- dpt_pci.c   2000/08/07 18:48:14
+++ dpt_pci.c   2000/08/26 21:40:26
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
        rid = 0;
-       irq = bus_alloc_resource(dev, SYS_RES_IRQ, &rid, 0, ~0, 1, RF_ACTIVE);
+       irq = bus_alloc_resource(dev, SYS_RES_IRQ, &rid, 0, ~0, 1, RF_ACTIVE | 
        if (!irq) {
                device_printf(dev, "No irq?!\n");
                error = ENOMEM;

(Everybody in unison, say "Doh!")
Since this didn't change in the past two months, I'm guessing this was
caused by somebody else futzing with APIC.  In any case, I don't see why
the DPT card shouldn't be allowed to share IRQs, and I'm now running the
latest -STABLE on my DPT card.

PS. Sorrry Matt for foiling your evil plot to get a free RAID card. ;)

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