>       I'm curious -- what kinds of cards are supported by this routine? 
> Does this include the DPT SmartRAID V, as well as the older SmartRAID 
> IV?  I've got an anonymous ftp server I need to rebuild -- it had 
> previously been running Slackware Linux, but as the kernel got 
> updated, the source for the driver didn't, so I scrapped it and am 
> rebuilding with FreeBSD.

The Linux driver for the V and VI cards is (according to a reliable 
source) pretty awful.

>       Anyway, my thought was actually to scrap the DPT card (because it 
> was my understanding that the FreeBSD drivers for the SmartRAID V 
> were only "beta" quality), and simply use vinum instead.  However, if 
> this card is better supported than I first thought, then I'll be glad 
> to keep it.  ;-)

I have theoretically production-quality drivers from Adaptec which I will
be committing as soon as I have time to test them (a few days, I hope).

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rivals and unfortunately opponents also.  But not because people want
to be opponents, rather because the tasks and relationships force
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