Jeroen writes:
> > > Twofish in abrest Davies-Meyer mode is going to blow away BF-CBC-256
> > > pseudo 256 bit block cipher Davies-Meyer performance wise, because of
> > > the key agility.
> But Twofish is not neccessarily the best choice. Yes, it's being
> pushed by Bruce Schneier but that's for marketing purposes, not
> for technical merits. 

I think that's a little negative -- all of the authors got to make
their speil for how their cipher was the best.  All the candidates are
pushing their respective ciphers.

> Iff you are going with a 128-bit-block blockcipher you ought to
> select the most conservative one and that currently isn't Twofish
> IMO.

Anderson argues that Serpent is a conservative design, and makes a
reasonable case for this, however as a result Serpent is a tad slow
compared to others, and perhaps might lose as a result.

I don't see that it makes much difference either way.  

You probably don't want to chose RC6 or MARS because their authors
will probably patent them if they lose, and then you'll have to back
off using them fast.


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